Fascistbook Censors Kari Lake’s Page

Does it matter to Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google that they’ve been exposed for their anti-American, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and anti-truth ways? Nope. They don’t care as long as they still have tens of millions of sheep in this country and hundreds of millions around the world who still think they’re being told the truth.

Case-in-point: Kari Lake’s Facebook page. While it hasn’t been banned, it has an intermittent label attached to it for anyone who tries to like the page. As Lake herself noted on Twitter:

The Fake News called me “the most dangerous politician in America” & apparently the Big Tech tyrants agree. This Orwellian censorship doesn’t intimidate me one bit. I will never stop speaking the truth to the American people. So take your best shot, Zuckerberg. You don’t scare me.

A review of Lake’s page reveals nothing that should warrant the label. All of what her team shares is either verified or in legal contention. It should not be censored, suppressed, or labeled, but she loves America so Facebook censors hate her.