Fascist Twitter Launches Dedicated Team to Stop January 6 _Harmful Content_ (aka Anything Against the Official Democrat Narrative)

Fascist Twitter Launches Dedicated Team to Stop January 6 “Harmful Content” (aka Anything Against the Official Democrat Narrative)

January 6th has become a holiday for Democrats and leftists across the country. It marks the manufactured “insurrection” that they use to try to gaslight voters into thinking Republicans in general and conservatives in particular are evil people who should be erased from society.

They could never pull off such a ludicrous notion without a lot of help. For them, that means propaganda from corporate media and gaslighting by Big Tech. Twitter, one of the most draconian and radically progressive of the Big Tech baddies, has initiated their part in the January 6 Democrat Holiday Extravaganza by forming a team that will be monitoring “harmful content” related to the planned festivities.

Keep in mind, they do not mean they are monitoring for ACTUAL harmful content. They have readily allowed child sex traffickers, terrorists domestic and foreign, and hackers to reign over their “platform” for years. Those types of harmful content creators are A-Okay in Twitter’s book. What they mean by “harmful” is anything or anyone who will go against the Democrats’ narrative that January 6 is the ultimate reminder of why Republicans and conservatives are all evil human beings. In fact, they hope everyone else stops looking at them as humans.

I’m exaggerating for effect… or am I? We’ve seen Twitter turn from bad to worse in recent months. They’ve been a force for darkness since launching, but only in recent years have many started accepting that they’re here for narrative control only. The truth about the mostly-peaceful protests on January 6 that led to false flag entry into the Capitol Building goes against the left’s false narrative, and Twitter is watching to suppress the dissemination of any such facts.