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Fascist Google Removes Viral Giorgia Meloni Speech Over Draconian “Community Guidelines”

There was a time when “community guidelines” were intended to prevent illicit material off of public forums and platforms. In recent years, Big Tech companies like YouTube and their fascist handlers at Google have used “community guidelines” to remove content that goes against their woke sensibilities.

The latest victim of this is newly elected Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The nationalist conservative Christian firebrand express her nationalist, conservative, and Christian perspectives in a 2019 speech that helped launch her into the international spotlight. Whatever “community guidelines” Google used to remove the video, it’s definitely all about ideology and has nothing to do with protecting the community.

Here’s the portion of the speech that has over 20 million views on Twitter:

Nothing she said should go against any sane community guidelines. But Google and YouTube are woke, not sane. It offended their radical progressive sensibilities and since it was getting millions of views, they couldn’t risk people hearing her words and realizing she is right.

She said:

Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it defines our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity. And so they attack national identity. They attack religious identity. They attack gender identity. They attack family identity. I can’t identify myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No. I must be citizen X. Parent 1. Parent 2.

According to Louder With Crowder:

The odd thing is that no one is sure what exact community guideline the speech violates. As of now, it’s still uploaded on another channel. When you tell people they can’t watch something, they tend to be spiteful about it and reupload the video anyway.

But it was also 2019. It’s pre-pandemic, so there was no “misinformation” that we now know wasn’t misinformation. I doubt she deadnamed anyone. Maybe she thought your preferred pronouns were stupid. But it was three years ago, long before that was the worst thing you could say or do to anyone ever. The only thing about the video YouTube could have found offensive is that a lot of people on the right were enjoying it.

I’d be curious to hear YouTube’s rationale. And hope they have something more creative to say it was removed in error.

There was no error made. This is intentional, blatant, and draconian censorship in its purest form. I’d say Google and YouTube should be ashamed of themselves, but no level of shame can penetrate their woke defense shields.

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