Fascist Google Bans Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment Ads

Fascist Google Bans Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment Ads

Google is evil. That’s the gist of pretty much everything that has come out of the gargantuan company for the last several years. They’ve been heading in this direction for over a decade, even removing their motto of “Don’t Be Evil” after forming their even bigger parent company, Alphabet, in 2015.

This evil manifests very heavily against the pro-life movement. Channels have been banned for promoting adoption over abortion. Stories about botched abortions resulting in the deaths of both mother and baby have been censored. Now, they’ve banned ads that promote Abortion Pill Reversal treatments, an important option that has been attributed with saving 2,500 babies to date.

According to Lila Rose from LiveAction:

“At the request of abortion activists, @Googlehas just BANNED all of @LiveAction‘s pro-life ads, including those promoting the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment, a resource that has saved 2500 children to date.”

Conservatives and other pro-life advocates responded:

Nikki Haley: “Nearly half of Americans are pro-life but Big Tech continues to make it clear that their views are not welcome. No wonder people don’t trust them. Big Tech is out of control.”

Brittany Hughes: “The ‘my body, my choice’ crowd is only interested in ‘choice’ if the woman chooses abortion.”

Kassy Dillon: “This. Is. Insane.”

Jack Posobiec: “Communism”

Sean Davis: “Google is evil.”

Church Militant: “Tech censorship continues”

Don Huffines: “Big Tech is out of control.”

Susan B Anthony List: “Google’s motto used to be ‘don’t be evil.’ Now they’re brazenly censoring free speech by banning pro-life Americans from advertising on their platform. What changed?”

Steve Deace: “devils”

This is just another reason why it discourages me that so many “conservative” sites willingly get paid by Google to run their ads on their pages. The company is demonic. Pure evil. And yet many in conservative media take their cash.