Farmers Warn About Rising Food Prices – “Wait Until Your Grocery Bill Is Up $1,000 A Month”

It’s already bad for American farmers.

They’re getting hit by higher costs of fertilizer, gas and everything else.

As a result, food prices will go up.

Soon, it will be bad for all Americans. Maybe, sooner than we think.

Farmer Ben Neal talked to Laura Ingraham about how he’s “getting hit on every front on every expense possible” (transcript of highlights below):

Here’s a transcript of highlights:

“We’re getting hit on every front on every expense possible, from fertilizer to fuel to labor insurance, everything in between — our packing supplies. So we operate a small farm in Oklahoma. One hundred percent of our sales are farm-to-home delivery. And so we are driving across the state. And you know, the fuel costs are really painful for us … I would say our increases are roughly 25 to 30 percent, and I think that that will soon be reflected at the grocery stores. On top of what we’re already seeing, these fertilizer price increases haven’t really affected the grocery store prices yet. They will start coming this summer.”

Farmer Ben Riensche recently told Tucker Carlson:

“Soaring fertilizer prices are likely to bring spiked food prices. If you’re upset that gas is up a dollar or two a gallon, wait until your grocery bill is up $1,000.00 a month, and it might not just manifest itself in terms of price. It could be quantity as well. Empty Shelf syndrome may be starting.”

Some people are preparing for coming food price increases by stocking up on long-lasting food.

According to one report, Costco has sold out of some of its emergency foods:

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