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Far More Than the Border Wall’s Cost: HHS Spent Huge Money to Help Illegal Aliens Improve Their Credit Scores

Remember when Democrats and RINOs in Congress told President Donald Trump that $15 billion was too much for a border wall? Then they said $6 billion was too much. Then they said $3.2 billion was too much.

The border wall was never finished and the Biden-Harris regime has been practically begging illegal aliens to come across and to bring friends. Lots of friends. Lots of military-aged male friends. Good times.

As a result, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is supposed to be working with actual weary asylum-seekers escaping war-torn homelands or who have been ravaged by massive natural disasters, is instead spending huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to pamper people who have “different” reasons for coming to America.

According to Washington Times:

The federal agency responsible for busing, sheltering and supporting the largely unauthorized immigrant population pouring across America’s borders spent nearly $20 billion over the last two years, according to a new report.

Most of that money was spent on sheltering and caring for immigrant children who are in the U.S. illegally, with other funds also going to help new arrivals from Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti and other nations favored by President Biden’s immigration policies, according to

It’s not just more people. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, part of the Health and Human Services Department, is expanding the type of assistance it offers to include helping migrants access loans, build credit or collect direct cash payments.

We have veterans committing suicide, an unprecedented homeless crisis, formerly middle class Americans working three jobs to put food on the table, and the Biden-Harris regime is focused on helping Chinese “asylum seekers” to build their credit scores.

“Regular Americans are underwriting the generosity. And it’s the hardworking taxpayer who is feeling the strain as migrants are resettled in their neighborhoods across the country,” said Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and founder of OpenTheBooks. “Exploding expenditures on everything from resettlement to auto loans are further incentivizing a vicious cycle at our borders.”

As I noted on Twitter, the most important political word that needs to be spoken from the mouths of American patriots going forward is “Invasion.”

The most important word in American politics going forward is #Invasion.

We are being invaded by tens of thousands of military-aged men every single day. Democrats are doing everything they can to help the invaders. Republicans, even with the limited power they have, are doing nothing.

Every American must be made to recognize the invasion for what it is.

Every politician must be held accountable for the actions and inactions.

Some have been saying “shut down the border or shut down the government.”

How about we shut down the government, period.

How about we no longer allow our taxpayer dollars to be spent until the border is completely secured and every illegal alien is sent back across it until their asylum hearing, which few will attend anyway.

We do not have a nation anymore. It will take very drastic measures if we’re going to rebuild it.

How many border walls could have been built for $20 billion?

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