Family Publicly Blames 'Unvaccinated' for the Death of 'Vaccinated' Woman. Shouldn't They Blame the Vaccine That Didn't Work_

Family Publicly Blames ‘Unvaccinated’ for the Death of ‘Vaccinated’ Woman — Shouldn’t They Blame the ‘Vaccine’ That Didn’t Work?

Even at a time when death and despair are so rampant in the world, we tend not to call out families that are mourning. But one family chose to use the death of their matriarch as a time to make a public political statement, so we are choosing to respond.

First, their story. According to KLTV:

An Illinois family is sending a message to the unvaccinated through their loved one’s obituary. It says the 66-year-old woman was vaccinated for COVID-19 but still got infected and died because others refused the shots.

Candace “Candy” Ayers, 66, died from COVID-19 at an Illinois hospital Sept. 3, more than a month after she was diagnosed with the virus in late July despite being fully vaccinated, The State Journal-Register reports.

Her husband, Terry Ayers, and two adult children were heartbroken by her loss – but also angry. They used Candace Ayers’ obituary to call out those who haven’t been vaccinated for COVID-19.

“She was preceded in death by more than 4,531,799 others infected with COVID-19. She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life,” the obituary read.

Candace Ayers’ 36-year-old son, Marc Ayers, says he wants those who are unvaccinated to realize that their decision is taking a toll on others.

“This whole thing is so preventable,” he told the Journal-Register. “People have politicized this and made it about politics. These are the people who have perpetuated the cycle of pain for our family and so many others.”

Here’s how vaccines are supposed to work. Someone gets vaccinated and as a result they acquire immunity to the disease in question. That has how it has always worked. The definition of “vaccine” wasn’t changed until this year to focus on “protection” instead of immunity.

We know there are countless adverse reactions to the so-called “vaccines.” What we do not know is how much actual protection the vaccines deliver. Data out of the United Kingdom and Israel indicates high vaccination rates do not reduce the spread of the disease or the death toll. We have heard unsubstantiated rhetoric from the Anthony Faucis of the world that the vaccines mitigate symptoms and reduce the need for hospitalization, but even that is not backed up by data.

We also know with a certainty that the “vaccines” do not reduce someone’s infectivity. In fact, there are early studies indicating the vaccinated actually spread the disease the same or even more rapidly than the unvaccinated, particularly the Delta Variant. Even Fauci has stated that those who have been vaccinated are just as contagious as those who are not.

The death of a loved one can cloud one’s judgment, especially with so much propaganda out there calling this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” But science doesn’t abide by propaganda. If the vaccines worked, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash.