DeSantis Is Running (1)

Fake Paperwork Filed for Ron DeSantis to Run for President in 2024 . . . With Kristi Noem?

It’s official. Never mind, it’s not.

Twitter reacted quickly to news that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had officially filed paperwork to run for President. Many of us were duped (yes, us). Thankfully, it was pretty obvious that it was fake. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until I had already Tweeted it.

According to FL Voice:

A new filing on the Federal Election Commission’s website had some believing Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly declared his candidacy for president in 2024. According to the FEC, his candidacy was filed on April 8 as a Republican.

The statement of candidacy form, however, presents red flags indicating it’s fake. On the form, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a fellow Republican, was listed as his vice president.

Typically, vice presidential picks are not chosen this early in the primaries, but rather after the party has chosen its nominee for the general election. The Republican National Convention occurs in the summer of 2024 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Additionally, the name of the “principal campaign committee” was reported to be “Desantis For President Committee” – missing the capital “S” in “DeSantis.”

So, ya, it’s fake.