Fake News Reuters Attempts to Cheer on Ukraine but the Image They Used Was Comical

Reuters, the grandfather of globalist fake news outlets, has built a reputation in recent years of echoing the narratives of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations, and others. They are more subtle than full-blown propaganda outlets like the NY Times and Washington Post, but they work from an agenda nonetheless.

Their coverage of the war in Ukraine is purposefully one-sided, but one would expect their cheerleading against Russia to at least use real footage. They have more resources than just about any other news outlet in the world, so using stock images seems below them.

But even when they feel obliged to use stock images, one would think they’d use good ones. Here’s a post they made last week. See if you can spot the problem with it (if you need a hint, check out the first comment by Tim Young):


In their quest to promote victory for Ukraine, Reuters posted an image of hardcore warriors ready to spring into action. Either Reuters thinks we’re stupid or we just sent billions in aid so Ukraine can get the best paintball equipment. Or both.