Fake News CNN Fact Checks Joe Biden . . . After It's Too Late to Make a Difference

Fake News CNN Fact Checks Joe Biden . . . After It’s Too Late to Make a Difference

When a friend sent me an article that absolutely shocked him, I felt the initial burst of surprise as well. CNN, the Democrats’ approved propaganda news network, posted an article that called out Joe Biden for lying. I double-checked the source to make sure I hadn’t fallen into an Iranian spoof site. Nope. It was CNN via MSN.

CNN Fact Check

Were they drunk? Was an editor blackmailed by a GOP operative? No. The key to understanding how this “slipped” past them is in the timing. This was posted after the election, long after the lies, and definitely after any point that could have made a different. At this point, who cares that Biden lied about an election that already happened?

They knew he lied when he told the lie, but there was zero chance they were going post anything negative about Biden or Terry McAuliffe before election day. Once all the votes were tallied, CNN was free to post a “fact check” calling out Biden. It behooves them to do so every now and then so they can put up the façade of being “unbiased.”

“See, we fact check Biden too!”

Don’t be fooled by CNN’s attempts to distance themselves from the fake news reputation they’ve accumulated over the years. They’re just as deep in the Biden-Harris regime’s pockets as they’ve been from the start.