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Fairfax County Is Trying to Pull a Fulton County

Update: Some outlets are calling the race for Glenn Youngkin, so the Fairfax County dynamic seems even more interesting. Will they now try to reverse it? Here’s the original article…

It’s the same playbook they used in Fulton County, Philadelphia County, and Wayne County during the 2020 presidential elections. Democrats in heavily populated and very blue Fairfax County are suddenly delaying the release of their results because they are “rescanning early ballots.”

This is, of course, a bald-faced lie. Anyone with a single brain cell and with knowledge of the way Democrats now handle elections realizes they are delaying their release so they can see the results from other counties and determine how many votes for Terry McAuliffe they need to manufacture.

The same techniques used to steal the election from President Trump are now being used to steal the election from Glenn Youngkin. It’s all happening in real time and complicit mainstream media is acting like it’s all normal. Conservative took to Twitter to voice their concerns:


If this turns out to be another “miraculous” win for the Democrats after a sudden influx of votes from a large blue county, it’s time to acknowledge that GOP leadership is either completely incompetent or in on it. They KNEW Fairfax County would do this.