Keisha Lance Bottoms

Failed Socialist Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Gaslights Ahead of Midterms Over “Misinformation” Against Benedict Biden

Anyone who has been to Atlanta over the last few years is well aware the once-proud city has become a crime- and poverty-ridden dystopia. If it weren’t for cities like Portland, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, then Atlanta would be the glaring example of why anyone who values their lives should never vote for Democrats.

Keisha Lance Bottoms was Mayor of Atlanta. Now, she’s a shill for the Biden-Harris regime, which is a very tough gig considering how hard it is to point to any positives. On a Sunday morning interview, Bottoms decided to “highlight” the “good things” the regime has done by gaslighting about how media and YouTube have spread misinformation.

Yes, her argument is that far-left corporate media and absolutely woke YouTube are spreading anti-Biden misinformation. You can’t make this up, but apparently that didn’t stop Bottoms from trying. Watch:

The undeniable reality is that Democrats have failed miserably in spite of the best efforts of their cheerleaders in corporate media and Big Tech. To start blaming them now ahead of the midterms is ludicrous.

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