“F*** the Fourth” Democrats: The Party Is Finally Letting Its True Colors Shine

When news broke yesterday about representatives of the Democrat Party in Arizona endorsing a “F*** the Fourth” anti-American rally, many “moderate” leftists on social media referred to it as a “fringe” element of the party. This is false. This IS the Democrat Party of 2022 from the top all the way down to many if not most of the minion voters.

As Monica Showalter at American Thinker opined:

But head on over to Pima County in Arizona and it’s “F— the Fourth.”

Such patriots. But don’t you dare question their patriotism. 

Normal places honor their patriots. These Democrats have other ideas. There’s some kind of bottom that’s fallen out in their culture that just the idea of sending this garbage could get serious consideration as well as an actual tweet to promote the event and its idea.

The ‘F— the Fourth’ idea is fringe as it gets, with its natural nihilism, but it’s been floating around for around 20 years. I remember getting an email from a fringe leftist group in Culver City, California calling for a ‘F— the Fourth’ party when I was an editorial writer for Investors Business Daily, and recall dismissing the topic as so fringe it wouldn’t be worth writing about.

Now it’s gone mainstream, courtesy of the Democrats, who still view themselves as mainstream. In the Twitter post above, writer Arthur Schwarz notes that the group that called for that ‘F— the Fourth’ celebration is affiliated with Arizona’s supposed moderate Democrat senator, Mark Kelly.

The astonishing thing is that a tweet this hateful of America and its founding is still pretty disgusting to the general public, which includes what pollsters call ‘likely voters.’ It may be mainstream to the Democrat elites but it’s utterly fringe to everyone else.

For Democrats, though, that’s the idea. They hate the flag, they hate the Founders, they hate the very idea of America as an autonomous state. Most of all, they hate the people, the patriotic Americans who wave the flag on the Fourth and enjoy the holiday. They can’t stand that.

The pure hatred towards American exceptionalism, history, and all things unwoke among Democrat Party leadership is apparent in both their words as well as their actions. The only real differentiator is whether or not a Democrat lawmaker is willing to openly admit it directly. An increasing number of them are.

What some refer to as the “fringe” in the party is actually driving ALL of their policies. The Joe Manchins and Kyrsten Sinemas of the world are few and far between. Radical leftism is an intellectual plague and it’s spreading throughout the party faster than Omicron.

Democrat voters are reacting in one of two ways. Many are lurching to the left along with their party leaders. Some are pumping the brakes and even disavowing the moves their leaders (or former leaders) are making. Unfortunately, far too many simply have no idea what’s happening to their party and continue to make their decisions based on their long-standing belief that the GOP is evil.

This last group is the only thing keeping the Democrat Party alive.

The ever-growing group of radicals are pushing narratives like this:

It behooves Republicans in general and conservatives in particular to highlight this going into the midterm elections. We cannot get complacent and assume victory. Lest we forget, they’ll cheat. We need resounding victories in November.