Exclusive_ The Despicable Reason _Vaccine_ Requirements for Air Travel Were Put on Hold Until After the Holidays

Exclusive: The Despicable Reason “Vaccine” Requirements for Air Travel Were Put on Hold Until After the Holidays

It isn’t often that Anthony Fauci’s policy proposals are denied by the White House. For months, Fauci and a cabal of Democrats on Capitol Hill called for the Biden regime to impose vaccine requirements for domestic travelers ahead of the holidays to turn up pressure on those who have been on the fence. But those requirements never materialized despite assurances by the White House that the option has always been “on the table.”

I had assumed fear of political blowback was the reason they chose not to seriously pursue air travel vaccine mandates before the holidays. After all, most Republicans and nearly all Democrats in DC hold optics in the highest regard. Preventing families from gathering for the holidays at a time when Joe Biden’s popularity is so low would damage them tremendously ahead of the midterm election season. And unlike the private employer mandates that are dying in court, the White House has wide ranging powers over air travel. A vaccine mandate for travelers would be almost impossible to overturn, even by the courts.

A message from a source close to Fauci told me this week that the regime’s decision to not pursue air travel vaccine mandates had very little to do with optics. In fact, they felt they could spin it very easily as a positive measure based on fear of a winter spike in Covid cases. Their real concern is that instead of pressuring more people to get vaxxed, the move would reinforce the “anti-vaxxers'” distrust of government.

According to the source who spoke to me on conditions of anonymity, they decided they could leverage family gatherings to “coax” people to get vaccinated.

“Ridicule and anger are powerful tools within a family,” my source said. “The best way to make people feel like a black sheep is to get them in front of their family in a group setting. We’re playing the odds. In a standard family gathering, there will be more properly vaccinated than not.”

The background on the source checked out, so I ran the theory up the ladder of other sources. While nobody could confirm the conversations within the White House, a source in the DNC told me a similar narrative had been quietly spreading on Capitol Hill. This is a source that we’ve used multiple times in the past who has proven to be invariably accurate.

“I don’t know if it played a role in Biden’s decision but I can tell you there’s a campaign in the works to encourage people to ‘educate’ their vaxx-skeptic family members during Thanksgiving and Christmas,” my source close to the DNC said. “It’s funny because they’re saying our best ‘advocate’ to promote the vaccine is the guy who already got vaccinated.”

The first source said we can expect air travel vaccine mandates after the holidays.

“After New Years the travel will be more geared towards business than leisure,” the source said. “We want people to make financial decisions instead of personal ones.”

I asked the source if by saying “we want,” does that mean this source supports the actions.

“S*** no,” the source exclaimed. “I’m telling you this because I don’t want to see it happen. I only said ‘we’ because my office is all in favor of it. They don’t know my real thoughts on it.”

With so many “vaxx-nannies” already droning on about the unvaxxed being “selfish,” it would appear the narrative is already being propagated by those who refuse to follow the science. They’re following government, mainstream media, Big Tech, and anyone else who is under the thumb of Big Pharma. It makes sense that the White House would lean on individual “advocates” to pressure or shame family members into getting the jabs.

“You tell me,” the source close to Fauci continued. “Who has a better chance of winning a family argument? Can the vaccine skeptic convince his vaccinated family members to get unvaxxed? Can’t happen so there’s only upside potential — in the eyes of the White House, not me — for us to encourage as much travel and family gatherings as possible.”

This is why it’s so important for those who oppose medical tyranny to be as educated on the facts surrounding Covid-19 and the injections as possible. We may not be able to get our friends and relatives to “unvaxx” themselves, but we can warn them that medical tyranny will affect them with the increasing push for booster shots. Today, they’re pushing for a third jab. Tomorrow, it will be a fourth. In time, people will only be able to maintain their coveted “fully vaccinated” status by getting regular injections of experimental drugs that have had no long-term studies done and that have already demonstrated massive numbers of adverse reactions, including at least tens of thousands of deaths.

The Biden regime wants to use the holidays as an opportunity to let family members pressure the unvaccinated into getting the jabs. If we’re better educated, we can turn the tables on them by showing why even the “fully vaccinated” of today need to join us in the fight against the mandates. Their status is fleeting, as we’ve already seen in Israel, the United Kingdom, and other nations that have achieved higher vaccination percentages than we have. As vaccine efficacy continues to fade, it’s imperative that we highlight the facts with family and friends.

Image by Maggie Morrill from Pixabay.