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Ex-Marine Jesse Kelly Unloads on Communists’ Latest Slimy Tactics — And What Must Be Done to Stop Them

Patriots across the nation were appalled yesterday when the official Twitter account for the United States Marine Corps posted a woke declaration of their adherence to LGBTQIA+ supremacy, a common theme throughout the Biden-Harris regime.

Conservative show host Jesse Kelly, a former Marine and congressional candidate, had some thoughts.

Since every person on the planet is sending this to me:

1. I’ve seen it.

2. It blows.

3. I’m not surprised in the least.

Been going this way for awhile. The communist doesn’t have sacred areas he’ll avoid. He destroys all. He conquers all. He’ll continue until he’s stopped.

People don’t understand why such a tiny portion of society has such an outsized voice today. It’s not complicated. They’re more committed to their religion than you are to yours. They’re interested in victory and domination. You’d like to win, but only if you can look polite.

All the branches of cultural Marxism have followed the same path. From feminism to “civil rights” to climate change insanity to the LGBTQ stuff. All of them. Starts small. The eunuch Right “turns the other cheek”, soon it’s a raging wildfire consuming everything.

Worst part of the LGBTQ insanity is it’s diabolical focus on children. You’re seeing this more and more. Drag shows. Trans teachers. The works. The American communist knows this is his chance to break kids from their parents.

You think it’s bad now? If this filth is not purged, and it won’t be, pedophilia will be mainstream within 10-15 years. They’re already sprinkling an article out here and there. It’s coming.

Don’t believe me? Well yesterday it was “equality in marriage!!” Today, kids bark at each other in schools and eat out of dog bowls. Teenage girls cut their tits off. Drag children dance on Good Morning America to cheering crowds.

There is no polite, nice way to reverse this now. We will have to get aggressive and do things that make you uncomfortable. It will require state legislation. Firings. Prosecutions. It will require you making financial decisions that are more purposeful.

Mad about that? I am. Sucks. But that’s what we get for letting it get this far. Now, we’re gonna have to rip up some lawn to remove these roots. They’re too deep. Fire every O-6 and above in the military. Every one. Let’s start there. That’s all.

He’s right on all counts. If we think this is as bad as it’s going to get, we’re dead wrong. This is just the beginning. The pathway for the Cultural Marxists to achieve their dreams is through children and all institutions in America via LGBTQIA+ supremacy. If they’re not stopped abruptly right now, the U.S. Marines will no longer have a nation to defend.