Evil-Genius-Level Gaslighting_ Surgeon General Tells the Vaccinated 'Mask-Up Outdoors to Protect the Unvaccinated'

Evil-Genius-Level Gaslighting: Surgeon General Tells the Vaccinated to ‘Mask-Up Outdoors to Protect the Unvaccinated’

The powers-that-be know there are four stages to achieve universal vaccinations in America. Each step is more draconian than the last. Sadly, we’re only entering step two, which means it’s going to get much worse in the future if we don’t stop this nonsense now.

The first stages is currently in progress: Incentives. They knew many would get vaccinated because they truly believe it makes them safer. Others needed a bit of a push, whether that’s free beer at a pub or a chance to win money. In recent weeks, they’ve made the vaccines more appealing by offering special little perks to those who can prove they’ve been jabbed.

While stage one continues, stage two is just ramping up: Threats. The unvaccinated will lose their jobs. The unvaccinated will not be able to travel or go to the store. The unvaccinated will be ridiculed. It’s with this last portion of the stage, what some are calling the “peer pressure portion,” in which the emotional toll from friends, family, and even strangers will pressure us to get vaccinated.

To that end, the U.S. Surgeon General just added a new motivation for the vaccinated to keep pressuring the unvaccinated. According to The Blaze [emphasis added]:

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is recommending that fully vaccinated individuals wear face masks outdoors to protect the unvaccinated. Murthy made the suggestion during an appearance on MSNBC, where he said fully vaccinated individuals wearing masks indoors and outdoors was an “extra step” of protection to unvaccinated people.

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell asked Murthy about “breakthrough cases,” specifically the possibility of a fully vaccinated person being infected with COVID-19 and spreading the virus to unvaccinated individuals, such as young children or immunocompromised adults.

“So the people that we’re most concerned about are the unvaccinated,” Murthy responded to the question from the cable TV host. “For example, if you happen to have a lot of interaction with folks who are unvaccinated, let’s say you’re a parent like me who has young children at home who are not vaccinated, that’s a circumstance where we’re being extra cautious and wearing that mask even if you’re fully vaccinated, wearing it outside, when you’re in indoor public locations, is an extra step to protecting those at home.”

“I want to emphasize though that if you are vaccinated the likelihood of having a breakthrough infection is still low because, again, the vaccines are working to help prevent infection, particularly serious infection,” Murthy said Wednesday. “But in the unusual event that a breakthrough does happen, we know transmission can take place.”

“So that’s why, especially when you have a lot of virus circulating in a community, it’s important to take that extra step, go that extra mile, wear that mask in indoor settings, outside the house, so you don’t contribute to transmission,” the surgeon general said.

Mitchell brought up the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new guidance that vaccinated people need to wear masks indoors in high transmission areas, and asked Murthy if the new recommendation would hurt efforts to get more Americans vaccinated.

Murthy said vaccines “save lives, they reduce severe disease extraordinarily successfully, and they reduce the likelihood that you will get sick and transmit the virus to others.”

Murthy noted the new CDC guidance doesn’t “erase extraordinary progress we made and this extra layer of protection with masks will help us reduce this threat of Delta, which again is an extraordinarily contagious version.”

Major cities and some states have already adopted the CDC’s guidance and reimplemented face mask mandates, even for Americans who are vaccinated.

During the interview, Murthy was asked about the possibility of COVID-19 booster shots.

“We are following cohorts or groups of individuals in various settings, nursing homes, medical professionals and others to see if there is a decline in immunity and an increase in breakthrough rates,” Murthy stated. “If there is, as soon as we see that, we will make a recommendation on boosters and the good news is that we will have the supply available to provide that to the public, but at this point, based on the collective data the recommendation is not to have boosters implemented, so far.”

Can you hear the complaints from the pro-vaxxers in your head right now? “Oh, great, now I have to wear a mask outside to protect the anti-vaxxers. Thanks a lot!”

As a side note, I highlighted the part at the bottom where he’s laying the foundation for the upcoming booster shots that they haven’t told us we needed yet. Trust me, we’ll “need” them very soon.

The other two stages in the plan for universal vaccinations are Oppression and the Police State. There’s no need to go into details about those just yet as there’s still an opportunity to cut this off before it gets that bad. Just keep in mind that if we don’t stop it now, we won’t stop them when the next two phases begin.

Remain diligent, folks. They’re doing everything they can to make us inject ourselves with experimental drugs that have shown no efficacy in even slowing the spread of Covid-19. Logic never applies to their narrative.