. . . Everything’s Falling Into Place for Big Banks to Boom, and the Implications Are Horrible for America

To call our current situation a “banking industry crisis” wouldn’t be accurate. While it’s true that local and regional banks are currently in major jeopardy with many of them going under and more predicted to fall soon, the banking industry itself is thriving. Unfortunately, the only ones who are really benefitting are the huge banks like JPMorgan which are profiting greatly.

But their boon in dollars is minuscule compared to the advances they’re making in trustworthiness. Tens of millions of Americans bank with local or regional companies for various reasons. Among those reasons is a widespread distrust or even hatred toward the megabanks. But the carnage that’s happening to the smaller banks is prompting many Americans to move their money out of institutions similar to SVB or FRB and into whichever megabank they hate the least.

This is the part where I get conspiratorial so it’s important to note that this message does NOT come from our precious metals sponsors, Our Gold Guy and Genesis Gold Group. That’s not to say they disagree with the speculation I’m posting below. In fact, considering both are America First companies owned by true patriots who love this nation, I doubt they disagree with me. With that said, the controversial nature of the “conspiracy theory” I’m about to propose means that even though The Liberty Daily benefits when you buy gold or silver from our sponsors, they have not explicitly endorsed this message. I’ll send it to them later and see what they think.

Now, here’s my theory. Everything seems to be falling far too well into place for it to all be an unfortunate series of improbable events. This isn’t a random “perfect storm” that happens to be taking down the little guys while boosting the big guys when we consider what else is happening in America, namely the push for a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Implementation and compliance will be exponentially easier for the powers-that-be to impose a Digital Dollar on us if the vast majority of Americans have their money in the megabanks. Local and regional banks pose both logistical and compliance challenges, not to mention that they’re more likely to listen to public outcry when the systems start rolling out.

What if EVERYTHING that’s been happening to the economy has been planned to lead us to where we are today? I remember thinking how it took extreme levels of incompetence for the supply chain issues to continue throughout 2021 all the way into the middle of 2022. A relatively small bailout in the tens of millions of dollars could have fixed it all in a matter of weeks, yet the Biden-Harris regime did nothing.

Sanctions on Russia have never done much harm to anyone other than us, yet even after it was clear Americans were being hurt by the actions the Biden-Harris regime doubled- and tripled-down. They don’t seem to be trying to win the war. They are prolonging the war. This, too, adds just enough chaos to the mix to make CBDCs more appealing.

Continuous interest rate hikes did tremendous damage to any financial institutions who had invested “safely” rather than engage in higher risk investments. It’s no coincidence that every bank that has failed or is in the process of failing was heavily dependent on the “safe” money.

“The banks that failed were mostly holding assets that the regulators deemed very safe,” said Dr. Thomas Hogan, senior research faculty at the American Institute for Economic Research and former chief economist for the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. “The problem is that they were highly subject to interest rate risk, which the regulators ignored. … Bank regulators were asleep at the wheel, and their regulations have made bank failures worse, not better.”

What if they WEREN’T asleep at the wheel. What if this is all playing out as the powers-that-be have planned? What if the regulators were handling the banking situation the same way Jeffrey Epstein’s guards were handling the cameras in his jail cell?

What if this is all part of a massive consolidation to streamline the coming rollout of the Digital Dollar?

The reason that I had to mention our sponsors with the disclaimer above is because the only recourse I’m seeing for Americans today is to get prepared. If my theory is correct and the various challenges we’re seeing coming together simultaneously are all planned, then that means there’s not a whole lot we can do to stop it. This isn’t something we can vote our way out of next November. Even if we come together and try to fight back, who are we going to sue? Who are we going to protest? It would be like throwing rocks at a dragon. He’ll neither notice nor care about our protestations.

To me, it’s time to stock up on food, ammunition, medicines, and precious metals. I’m not a financial advisors but as a conspiracy theorist with a healthy level of skepticism and as a “prepper” who’s trying to detach from the whims of government, I can say talking to Genesis Gold Group about retirement accounts or buying large amounts of gold and silver from Ira at Our Gold Guy makes a whole lot of sense.

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