Every House Republican Voted in Favor of New “Church Committee” Except Eyepatch McCain Who Didn’t Even Show Up

There isn’t a whole lot the GOP-led House can do from a legislative perspective with Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, but their control of the committees plus subpoena power means we should get revelations as Republicans investigate and hold hearings. The newly created Church-style committee will almost certainly bring the fireworks.

House Republicans may not be able to enact anything that sticks, but they can definitely keep things interesting if they wield their reacquired power properly. According to ABC News:

Despite concerns from Democrats, Scalise said the new select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government will serve “to protect every American’s constitutional rights.”

In a straight party-line vote, the House voted 221-211 to establish the panel.

The panel will have the authority to investigate how the federal government and private companies collect and analyze information on Americans, along with “ongoing criminal investigations” and civil liberties issues, according to the text of the resolution. The mandate could set up new fights with the Justice Department and national security agencies over sensitive records and probes — including those involving former President Donald Trump.

ABC News noted that 221 Republicans voted in favor of it. There are 222 Republicans in the House. Who didn’t participate in the important vote? Eyepatch McCain.

Is Dan Crenshaw the new Liz Cheney? Is Adam Kinzinger his spirit animal? Does he truly hate America or is he being bribed/blackmailed?

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