Even Twitter’s Resident Communist Jack Dorsey Is Done With the Chinese Communist Party

Jack Dorsey participated in the draconian suppression of information pertaining to Covid-19, the lockdowns, and the so-called “vaccines.” So why is he suddenly speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party for engaging in activities that were parallel with the measures he endorsed in the United States?

Whatever his reasoning, he’s now speaking out, albeit on Twitter where it will make no difference.

If the billionaire really wanted to make a difference, he could help clean up the platform he once led so Elon Musk could buy it. Then, perhaps Twitter could be used to truly raise awareness for atrocities instead of being a woke platform for radical leftists to organize their domestic terrorism activities. But doing what it takes to clean up Twitter would mean admitting that much of Twitter is bots and spam accounts, and he just isn’t willing to do that.