Even NYC Socialist Mayor Blames Benedict Biden for Destroying His City

There was a time not too long ago when most of the nation had no idea how hard it was to be a border town with a Democrat in the White House. They suffered through Obama. They suffered during the early days of Biden.

Today, many, MANY more Americans are aware because they’re seeing it in their cities. Under the Biden-Harris regime, every city gets the border town treatment. New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke out Friday against the surge on his city and squarely blamed Biden.

According to Fox News:

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Friday the migrant crisis the country is facing under the Biden administration has “destroyed” his city. Adams made the comments during a panel discussion with the African American Mayors Association in Washington, D.C.

“[The] city is being destroyed by the migrant crisis,” Adams said during the discussion.

Adams even appeared to take a hit at politicians from his own city, suggesting they aren’t doing much to fix the issue at hand.

“None of my folks came to Washington, D.C., to fight for the resources, that’s going to undermine every agency in our city,” Adams said.

Adams made similar comments Wednesday, when he said that the “national government has turned its back on New York City,” adding that “every service in this city is going to be impacted by the asylum seeker crisis.”

As Democrats are wont to do, Adams is blaming someone else when it’s his party, their policies, and leftists across the country who are to blame for our nation’s fading sovereignty.