Joe Biden

Even CNN’s Chris Cillizza Admits Americans Want Less Government and Dear Leader Biden Ain’t Cutting It

Fake news outlet CNN is not generally in the business of criticizing Joe Biden or anyone in the Biden-Harris regime. They incessantly cover up all of the various disasters that have plagued the regime over the past few months and continue to blame Republicans in general and Trump-supporters in particular for all of the country’s woes.

Senior Analyst Chris Cillizza said the quiet part out loud today when he acknowledged several important truths in his column. First, he acknowledged that Biden is a radical. It’s not the first time he admitted it and hopefully it won’t be the last. Second, he said that the Biden-Harris regime’s plans for massive infrastructure and social safety net bills will introduce massive amounts of government into our lives. Third, he quoted a poll that showed Americans are done with big government after the failures we’ve seen this year.

In short, centrists and conservatives are ready for government to stop meddling and just get the heck out of lives. Leftists are still lost in their crusade to find someone to save them.

Here’s my confession: I’ve always liked Cillizza. I totally disagree with the vast majority of things he says, today’s column notwithstanding, but I’ve always appreciated him as a true believer. He doesn’t have to cover up the truth in order to make his point. He’s often wrong, but at least he believes what he’s saying, which cannot be said about the vast majority of political hacks who call themselves journalists at CNN.

Here’s a snippet from his article:

In short: The era of small government (such as it ever existed) would be over. The era of expansive government would begin. Except that a majority of Americans don’t want more government in their lives, according to new data from Gallup.

In the poll, just 43% said they wanted government to “do more to solve the country’s problems,” while 54% said they thought that government “is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.”

That’s a MAJOR shift in public opinion from where we were just one year ago, when 54% — a record high in Gallup polling — said they wanted government to do more to solve the country’s problems.

Don’t assume Cillizza or anyone at CNN is really jumping off the Biden bandwagon. Like many on the left, they’re trying to coax the regime to stop being so obtuse. It won’t work, so they’re stuck with the radical they helped (supposedly) elect.