Even CNN Propagandist Jake Tapper Is Unsure About the Ministry of Truth and Leftist Hack Nina Jankowicz

Jake Tapper exemplifies CNN so well. He promotes their false narratives better than anyone at the network and deludes himself and his audience with leftist rhetoric to frame just about every story he touches. But the Disinformation Governance Board, also known as the Ministry of Truth, is so clearly awful that Tapped had to dance around the obvious problems on a recent panel discussion.


The fact that Tapper admitted Joe Biden’s chosen leader for the board, Nina Jankowicz, is a radical leftist political hack who believes every piece of “news” against conservatives such as the Steele Dossier but dismisses any real news that shines a poor light on progressives, such as the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.

Tapper was squirming in his seat while discussing the blatantly evil Ministry of Truth. Does that mean he still has a smidgen of journalistic integrity buried beneath the years of indoctrination he has delivered to his audience? Probably not.