Eric Swalwell Got Todd Starnes Suspended on Twitter Over Afghanistan Comment

The fascists at Twitter bow to the Democrat Party. That isn’t exactly breaking news, but every time they engage in their draconian actions, it acts as a reminder to all conservatives that playing on Twitter is like entering enemy territory.

The latest example is the suspension of conservative commentator Todd Starnes. Congressman Eric Swalwell took exception to a Tweet by Starnes, so Twitter sprang into action. According to his post on Gettr:

JUST IN: Rep. Eric Swalwell, the California Democrat whose gal pal was a Chinese spy, just got me booted from Twitter. He reported me to Twitter and accused me of spreading hate speech. I pointed out that it was a good time to remember that Biden did not vet many of the Afghan refugees.

The point being we don’t know what kind of very bad people have been allowed to sneak into the country. I never said the suspect was Afghan. Swalwell said I was putting on aa target on the backs of his Afghan constituents. On the issue of “on your back,” I wonder how the congressman’s alleged relationship with Fang Fang is going?

Swalwell has admitted to literally sleeping with the enemy and putting our national security at risk. But corporate media, Big Tech, and Nancy Pelosi have shielded him despite the clear problems, going so far as to keep him on the Intelligence Committee. It’s an utter joke to have someone who has clearly been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party in Congress, let alone on the Intelligence Committee, but that’s what happens with Democrats in control.

This will hopefully just be a temporary suspension as Starnes does still have most of his Tweets up, but it’s just another example of why conservatives should be finding greener pastures.