Democrat Eric Swalwell Facilitated Hunter Biden’s Congress-Defying Press Conference — Ethics Complaint Being Considered

Leave it to Eric Swalwell to make a boneheaded move for the sake of a fellow bonehead. Reports are coming in that the Congressman rented the space used by Hunter Biden to deliver his press conference announcing his defiance of a Congressional subpoena.

Considering that the very body that Biden was defying has Swalwell as a member, sources indicate that an ethics complaint is being considered against Swalwell by GOP leadership.

According to investigative journalist Paul Sperry:

Democratic Rep. Swalwell admits he reserved space outside Congress for Hunter Biden to deliver his press conference,thereby facilitating Hunter’s defiance of a congressional subpoena

–>Hill sources tell me GOP leadership may file ethics complaint

Of course, nothing will come from this. The feckless GOP has allowed Swalwell to impede numerous times without repercussions. Then, there’s the fact that he’s demonstrably a national security risk with his infamous Fang Fang affair.

It’s all Kabuki Theater.