Epstein Island Is the Perfect Representation of the Two-Tiered Justice System

Imagine if an Average Joe Citizen had evidence against him that he had sex with underage girls. You don’t have to imagine it, actually, because we see it in the news on a regular basis. Average Joe Pedophile would almost certainly be arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and jailed.

Now, imagine if leftists entered the Capitol Building without authorization. You don’t have to imagine it, actually, because that’s exactly what happened in June when the “Colbert 9 Insurrectionists” did it. And of course, these leftists were released after a short time being under arrest with no further repercussions.

Welcome to the two-tiered justice system in the United States. We’ve seen such systems in the past across the globe. Some are still in place today. In America, it has reemerged after a few decades of dormancy. It’s hard to deny that as recently as the 70s and even 80s, there was a two-tiered justice system that favored Whites. This was demonstrable statistically, which is why the system was made fairer in recent decades. But there’s been a reversal that allows violent criminals to walk free and minor offenders to be jailed indefinitely based on their race, status, or political ideology.

The two tiers are easily definable. Anyone who is conservative, isn’t rich, and doesn’t check off any of the intersectionality boxes gets hit by the Justice Department as well as most city and state prosecutors with the full force of the law. Anyone who is leftist, rich, or checks off any of the intersectionality boxes gets light treatment. And no two cases make this more apparent than comparing the various heinous crimes committed on Epstein Island to the minor nuisances committed by January 6 mostly peaceful protesters.

As I noted on Twitter:

Zero pedophiles who visited Epstein Island have been officially named, let alone charged, arrested, tried, convicted, or jailed. The fact that grandmas are in jail right now for entering the Capitol Building after being ushered in by police reveals the two-tiered justice system.

Someone has the list. Someone has the videos. There’s a 99% chance nobody will ever see them. Nobody will be held accountable. None of the pedophile elites will see a day in jail. Meanwhile, J6ers are suffering in prison for walking through a building and hurting nobody.