Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein Document Drop: Bill Clinton “Likes Them Young” and Other Revelations

UPDATE 4: On an editorial note, this is all a huge distraction to act as fodder for conservatives to discuss something other than the real problems our nation faces. It’s newsworthy and therefore we must cover it, but just know that there will be no consequences for anyone being “outed” by the drop.

UPDATE 3: From KanekoaTheGreat:

Billionaire Hyatt Hotels Executive Chairman Thomas Pritzker, identified in Epstein documents, allegedly involved in sexual activities with Epstein victim.

“How many times have you had sex with Tom Pritzker?”

“I believe I was with Tom once.”

Thomas is the heir to the Pritzker family, which includes at least 11 billionaires.

Notable members include the Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, and Harvard Board Chair, Penny Pritzker.

UPDATE 2: The website is back up and the documents are available.

UPDATE 1: Here are some revelations from TechnoFog:

Original Story:

The documents were up for a minute. Then, they were gone.

Around 1,000 pages of documents containing names of 150 or more people related to the lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s buddy, Ghislaine Maxwell, have been unsealed. Shortly after the drop, the site hosting them crashed.

Chances are high that the mad rush to get to the documents crashed the site, but there’s always the coverup angle. We’ll see. For now, we can all keep trying to get to them here.

Before going down, some who accessed them have started dropping bits of information. The first notable one is about Bill Clinton, who is known to have been a frequent visitor of Epstein Island. According to a witness, Clinton “likes them young.”

This is a breaking story and will be updated when more information is available.