Michael Regan

EPA Administrator Admits He Wouldn’t Allow His Own Kid Anywhere Near East Palestine Streams Over “Accident”

The official story is that the waters around East Palestine, Ohio, and surrounding areas are perfectly fine. But as is often the case, the official story is only in place for the plebeian class. The powers-that-be know the truth and one of them admitted it today.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan visited East Palestine and took some questions. The answer to a question posed by independent journalist Nick Sortor prompted an honest and scary answer from Regan. Watch:

“Would you allow your kids anywhere close to these streams right now,” Sortor asked.

“I would not,” Regan, replied. “I’m a father of a nine-year-old. I think we have to all agree that we wish this accident didn’t occur. But the accident occurred and as a result, some of our creeks and our streams have pollution in them.”

At least he was honest.