Entire Fully-Vaxxed DC Doctors’ Office Tests Positive for Covid-19

It’s rare that we post stories about anecdotal, unconfirmed reports, but Branko Milanovic is well-respected in his field. Moreover, he’s not a “right-wing conspiracy theorist” or “anti-vaxxer.” He’s a progressive income inequality expert in DC and an avowed Marxist.

Perhaps more telling is that this story is not unique. We’ve seen frustration boiling up among medical professionals much more lately than ever before. We started seeing about a month ago a slight shift in the way doctors, particularly on social media, were treating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The blind faith that had permeated much of the medical field was fading as medical professionals started asking more questions about the “guidance” they were receiving as well as the lack of information that was coming out about the Delta Variant.

This week has brought a sharp decline in CDC trust among medical professionals, especially following the reversal on face mask guidelines. The Tweet by Milanovic stood out because it captures the wave of frustration engulfing the nation.

The entire office of my doctor in DC got covid. They were all double-vaccinated. This morning, my poor doctor was sitting in her chair (she tested positive too) and shaking her head: “What do we do: CDC tells us one thing today, the very opposite tomorrow”.

The narrative is shifting right before our eyes. Vaccine efficacy is being questioned by more and more doctors as the Delta Variant spreads unabated. Meanwhile, the CDC continues to look like political fools instead of medical professionals.