Employers in Maine Can Ask Applicants if They've Been Vaccinated but Not if They've Been Convicted of Felonies

Employers in Maine Can Ask Applicants if They’ve Been Vaccinated but Not if They’ve Been Convicted of Felonies

As our freedoms are weakened by vaccine authoritarianism, protections for the convicted darlings of the “woke” continue to increase. The latest example is Maine where a bill was just signed preventing employees from asking if someone has a prior felony conviction until… wait for it… they’re already offered them the job. They can, however, ask up front if an applicant has been vaccinated for Covid-19.

In essence, someone with a criminal record of violence or theft has a better chance of getting a job in Maine than someone who has acquired natural immunity to Covid-19 but who has chosen not to get vaccinated. That’s the direction society is heading, especially in blue states. According to Just The News:

Employers in Maine will be prohibited from asking prospective job candidates about their previous criminal histories under a new law signed by Gov. Janet Mills.

The new law, which was approved by the Legislature in the final days of its session, will ban companies from screening people with criminal backgrounds before those applicants have an opportunity to go through the preliminary hiring process.

Under the new rules, which take effect in October, employers must delay questions about a criminal history until after they’ve made a conditional offer of employment. After that, they can ask about criminal convictions, but not about previous arrests or charges.

There are also exemptions in the new law for situations where a previous felony conviction prohibits a prospective employee from being considered for the opening. Employers that violate the new rules, which will be enforced by the Maine Department of Labor, could face penalties of up to $500 for each violation.

In America, not getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is quickly becoming the most limiting status one can have. Convicted felons, illegal aliens, and domestic terrorists who have been vaccinated have more rights than law abiding American citizens who haven’t been jabbed.

Photo by Rheyan Glenn Dela Cruz Manggob from Pexels.