Emerald Robinson Nails the Difference Between New Year’s Resolutions Under Trump and Biden

Americans entering 2023 fall into one of three categories. Most are very concerned about the future as just about everything seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Some are willfully ignorant, sticking their heads in the sand to cope. A few are giddy with enthusiasm as their globalist elite puppet masters establish the totalitarian future they crave.

Independent journalist Emerald Robinson posted a Tweet that encapsulates how that first group is feeling now compared to how they were feeling during the Trump era. She framed these feelings within the differences in New Year’s Resolutions:

NYE resolutions during Trump years: “Buy a house! Start a business! Get married and have kids!” NYE resolutions during Biden regime: “Stay alive! Try not to die from forced vaccination scheme! Survive global debt crisis and stock market implosion!”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.