Legend Robinson

Emerald Robinson Delivers the Real Message Vaxx-Pusher John Legend Was Delivering for Pfizer

With Covid-19 booster adoption low, Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies have turned to celebrities to try to guilt Americans into getting more jabs. More doctors shying away from recommending the jabs, so Pfizer needed those who are easily manipulated and who are more interested in a big paycheck than the truth, so the entertainment industry was a natural fit.

Here’s Pfizer letting Dr. John Legend explain why we should get our kids jabbed:

No mention of adverse reactions. No discussion about how even the FDA and CDC acknowledge the jabs don’t prevent infection or transmission. No disclaimer about the multitude of studies showing the more people get jabbed, the more likely they are to get Covid-19, be hospitalized, or die. Just propaganda. Just John Legend.

Independent journalist Emerald Robinson read between the lines and translated Legend’s message into an honest version:

“Hi there, I’m an entertainer with no medical training! Would you like to join me in shortening your life considerably? And why not force your kids to play Russian roulette with their health too? Let’s give the whole family the gift of myocarditis!”

With profits dropping and concerns about adverse reactions growing, it’s clear Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies are getting desperate. Of course they turned to entertainers. They’ll say anything for a buck.

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