Emerald Robinson Compares Law Enforcement Treatment of Roger Stone and Anthony Fauci

Emerald Robinson Denounces DOJ Hypocrisy by Comparing FBI Treatment of Roger Stone and Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci should be in jail. He has lied constantly, including to Congress, and has helped “lead” this country down a very dark path with his adherence to Pandemic Panic Theater. But instead of being investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated, he’s still treated like some kind of hero by mainstream media and, more importantly, the Department of Justice.

Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson took a look at how the FBI and DOJ have treated two men accused of lying to Congress, Fauci and Roger Stone:

“The DOJ & FBI are so corrupt that they will conduct a pre-dawn raid to arrest Roger Stone for the crime of lying to Congress but they won’t arrest Fauci even when the whole world knows that he’s guilty.”

The differences between the crimes Fauci and Stone committed aren’t just in the way our DOJ has handled them. Stone’s lies hurt nobody. Fauci’s lies have resulted in the most destructive series of policies our nation has ever witnessed.