Kanye Musk

Elon Musk Wanted to Punch Kanye After Swastika Post

During a Twitter Space session held by Kim Dotcom, Elon Musk declared why he felt he was justified to permanently ban the controversial singer and presidential candidate after he had posted images that included Swastikas and a Raelian Symbol.

“I personally wanted to punch Kanye so it was definitely inciting me to violence,” he said.

While most have been critical of West for his choice of posts, conservatives have lashed out at the censorship because they felt it may have been very negative but didn’t qualify as “inciting violence,” which Twitter has set as one of its new bar for banning people. West is the first high-profile account to be permanently banned under Musk’s watch.

Here’s the clip:

So far, Musk’s reign over Twitter has been well-received by the political right. But there are still some who are skeptical that he will truly embrace the free speech has was espousing before the purchase.

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