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Elon Musk Trolls Everyone With “Moving On” Tweet

Elon Musk sent ripples across Twitter with a two-word Tweet that seemed cryptic and possibly disappointing. After sending it, many speculated that he would “cuck out” of trying to acquire Twitter and take it public.

Louder With Crowder wrote a concerned post about it, stating:

Elon Musk sent a tweet today announcing he’s “moving on.” What he’s moving on from is unclear. But Musk isn’t a dummy. He knows if he tweets this, everyone is going to assume he’s moving on from purchasing Twitter. It’s odd we’re analyzing what every tweet he sends means, but that’s the world we live in.

This tweet was sent on Sunday morning. And if you’re confused, join the club. Musk had announced on Thursday that he had secured the funding to buy the company. It was presented to Wall Street firms on Friday, and Wall Street liked what they saw. Not only did Musk show that he was serious in his offer, but some firms believed he could actually turn the Big Tech company profitable. This is how we left things on Friday.

The cryptic Tweet hung for nearly three hours before Musk clarified:

He was referring to a hilarious Tweet he’d sent out Friday hitting Bill Gates.

Don’t toy with us, Elon.