Elon Musk Sends Message to Chuck Schemer and Mitch McRINO About Omnibus Package

Yesterday’s Twitter poll by Elon Musk came out as many of us expected. The people do NOT want the massive $1.7 trillion economy-murdering monstrosity passed.

But Musk didn’t just hope the leaders of the Senate would see it. He tagged them in a Tweet to make sure they got the message.

.@SenSchumer & @LeaderMcConnell, the public has spoken. They are overwhelmingly against this giant spending bill.

Responses to the Tweet were nearly unanimous in their attacks on the Uniparty Swamp Creatures leading the Senate. Unfortunately, this is just Twitter and nobody in DC other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Adam Kinzinger, and Eric Swalwell care about Twitter.

The message will not be received. The people will once again get screwed by the people we allegedly elected.