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#TWITTERGATE: Elon Musk Reveals What REALLY Happened to the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The debacle known as the 2020 election was at least partially derailed by media suppression and Big Tech censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in October that year. NY Post had published an article exposing much of what they found on the laptop that belonged to then-candidate Joe Biden’s son. But it was three weeks before the election and the powers-that-be pounced.

Now, new Twitter owner Elon Musk is revealing what REALLY happened. He teased his reveal on Twitter, of course:

But then… nothing. 5pm came and went. After just over 20-minutes of silence, he announced they were double-checking some facts.

He ended up going well beyond 40-minutes, but eventually he delivered. Here’s the drop…


Musk’s reign at Twitter has been a mixed bag as both conservatives and leftists equally dismayed by his actions, depending on the hour. This move goes a long way to making conservatives trust him more, if not like him for it.

Now the real question for both Elon Musk, Big Tech, and the corporate media industrial complex is what is going to be done to prevent this from happening in the future?