Elon Musk

Elon Musk Pummels “The Onion” After Odd “Joke” About Ron DeSantis Being Brutally Murdered

There was a time when The Onion was funny. Seriously. Those who weren’t following the site before Trump Derangement Syndrome took hold of them and half of America may find it hard to believe, but they actually put out some pretty decent jokes.

That was long ago. Today, they’re not only ultra woke and radically leftist, but they are constantly upstaged by The Babylon Bee. Outclassed. Left in the dust.

A recent “joke” caught some attention from conservatives as the “satire” site Tweeted something quite dark.

Goofy Beats Ron DeSantis To Death With Crowbar

Conservative Twitter user @alx reminded us about a different Tweet:

The same people who were outraged at @TheBabylonBee for telling the truth about “Rachel Levine” will have no problem with this Tweet from The Onion.

Elon Musk replied brutally:

The Onion has become jarringly unfunny. At the heart of humor is a revealed truth, but woke is a lie, so it is humorless.

It’s true. The Onion is “jarringly unfunny.” They must be victims of Woke Mind Virus.