Elon Musk Pours Acid on the Wounds of the Wokesters He Fired by “Rehiring” Two of Them

Whether you like Elon Musk or not (I do), you have to admit he’s clever. Whether you trust Elon Musk or not (I don’t yet), you have to get a chuckle at his epic trolling, especially of wokesters who are still trying to figure out what to do with their lives after being canned by Twitter.

Shortly after he bought Twitter, corporate media was punked by “crisis actors” who were pretending to be fired Twitter employees named “Ligma” and “Johnson.” Now, they’re back, at least in Musk’s Twitter feed.

How many leftists’ minds are being tormented hourly by thoughts of Elon Musk? I may not trust him yet, but you have to admit he has style.