Tesla Model Pi

Elon Musk Openly Ponders About Tesla Making a Smartphone . . . Which Means They Already Are

Elon Musk took to Twitter and declared Tesla is making its own smartphone. He didn’t explicitly announce it, saying they “should” do it, but if we’ve learned anything about Elon Musk over the last couple of years it’s that he doesn’t hint at anything unless it’s already happening.

Tesla should create its own smartphone. Your information will never be collected. Would you use it?

This came from his “parody” account, but it’s actually his account. And to answer his question, yes, people would use it… but he already knew that. The cult-like following of Tesla and Musk is similar to the cult-like following of Apple and Steve Jobs over a decade ago.

There’s a fact about Elon Musk that surprisingly few seem to know. He has a reputation of being a flamboyant and carefree rich guy who has ideas and tosses them up on Twitter to see what people think. The reality is that he is meticulous and plans out every move. By the time it makes it to Twitter to get “feedback,” he has already made his decision.

Case-in-point: buying Twitter itself. He seemed to randomly hop on Twitter one day and ask what should be done about the company over hot-button topics like censorship. On cue, the masses called on him to buy it. A few days later, he announced that he’d bought just under 10% of the company making him the biggest individual stock holder.

That’s what we’re supposed to believe. What he didn’t mention is that he had initiated the purchase of those shares three weeks before getting “feedback” about whether he should consider buying it or not. He’s meticulous. He just pretends to be random and whimsical.

Rumors started in 2021 that Tesla was considering a smartphone. They reemerged in recent weeks with the supposed phone being called the “Tesla Pi 5G” or some variation.

Considering Musk is pushing forward with both artificial intelligence and his Neuralink brain interface project, the prospects of a smartphone seem to be in line with his masterplan. And while some will herald it because they think he’s a good steward, I’m not convinced. In fact, I’ve been leaning more and more toward thinking he’s a shill or even a ringleader of the Globalist Elite Cabal.

Think what you will about Elon Musk and his “whimsical” Tweets but I’m fairly certain a Tesla smartphone is already in development.