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Elon Musk: It’s “Undeniable” That Bribery Biden’s Policy Is Open Borders

(Conservative Playbook)—Anyone who still thinks the Biden-Harris regime is incompetent at the southern border is delusional. They aren’t incompetent. The border invasion is intentional and marks the regime’s greatest success, at least in the eyes of their Globalist Elite Cabal puppet masters.

Elon Musk has been speaking out against the border invasion since visiting the area last year. A new video of people flooding across prompted him to state the obvious.

In response to the video, which was captioned as “Biden’s policy is open borders. Everything else is noise,” Musk posted:

“That is undeniable at this point.”

This is the most immediate existential threat we face. If it’s not stopped immediately, we will no longer have a country. That is undeniable as well.