Elon Musk Exposes Pure Hypocrisy in the Manufactured Gender Debate

What is a woman? It’s a question that hitherto was easy for anyone in grade school or beyond to answer. But the combination of LGBTQIA+ supremacy and woke indoctrination has complicated the issue for no logical reason.

In fact, denial of logic is exactly why we’re having the gender debate at all.

Billionaire Elon Musk weighed in on it with a simple explanation of woke illogic:

We are simultaneously being told that gender differences do not exist and that genders are so profoundly different that irreversible surgery is the only option. Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this dichotomy.

He has a point. Lately, it seems he often has a point.

Which is it? Are gender differences non-existent or are the the most important question that every wokester must answer, preferably before junior high? While they contradict themselves, the rest of us are getting headaches from it all. And maybe that’s the point.