Ed Dowd, CarpeDonktum Back on Twitter With More “Amnesty” Coming Over Next 30 Days

Vaccine data whistleblower Ed Dowd and the greatest meme-maker of all time, CarpeDonktum, are back on Twitter. They are the latest in a wave of controversial accounts being allowed back on the platform and it appears they aren’t going to be the last.

According to Timcast:

Ella Irwin assumed former Twitter executive Yoel Roth’s role as head of trust and safety role following his November departure. On Wednesday, Irwin updated users on the platform’s previously announced poll conducted by Twitter owner Elon Musk granting amnesty to previously banned accounts.

“Our team has been carefully reviewing thousands of suspended accounts for the past month, including accounts noted in this thread,” Irwin responded to one user discussing account suspensions. “Users that did not engage in threats of harm/ violence, fraud or other illegal activity are being reinstated. Will need ~30 days to finish reviewing.”

This is all great news, but Elon Musk has already declared Alex Jones won’t be allowed back. Since he “did not engage in threats of harm/ violence, fraud or other illegal activity,” one would think he should be brought back. Will Twitter be consistent or is Jones too “fringe” for Twitter’s version of free speech?