Killer Tranny

Dude Who Shot Up Joel Osteen’s Church Is a Bernie Sanders Tranny

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston is one of the largest megachurches in the world, not only because of the nearly 17,000 people it can seat, but also the tens of thousands more who tune in to watch its televised services. It was during of of these services yesterday that a person began opening fire at the church, which was actually recorded due to the Spanish-language service being televised at the time. Although initially identified as a man, many news outlets are now reporting that it was, in fact, a woman who was responsible for the shooting.

The confusion stems from the fact that the “woman” is really a deranged, Bernie Sanders-supporting tranny named Jeffery. This man walked into the church with a gun in one hand, a child in the other, and began opening fire, thankfully only hitting a single man in the leg. Jeffery himself was shot and killed by police, though the child that was with him was also shot and is currently in critical condition. The relationship between the child and the tranny, as well as where the bullet that hit the child came from, are both unknown at this time.

Naturally, the mainstream media has made little to no mention of the fact that the shooter was a tranny. The most they’ve done is altered the pronouns in the story to refer to our boy Jeffrey as a woman. You know, because a deranged, wannabe murder definitely deserves to have his delusions validated after he was killed in the middle of shooting up a church. Even worse is that they’re using this story to push their agenda on “gun violence” without making any mention of the fact that this is just the latest in an ever-growing number of murderous trannies.