Dr. Zelenko On Endless Boosters And Warnings About Vaccine-Induced AIDS

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko saw great success with his early use of hydroxychloroquine against COVID — until his efforts were halted by a Democrat governor.

But Dr. Zelenko didn’t stop.

He kept working — and found an over-the-counter way to help people (scroll to the bottom to see the result).

But not everyone in the health industry has the public’s health in mind, as Dr. Zelenko warns in this video (transcript of highlights is below):

Q: There is now a great deal of debate about whether “fully vaccinated” means two shots or three or even in some cases four! Is there any reason to believe we aren’t headed towards a regime of endless vaccine boosters?

“Regarding the vaccine boosters, let me tell you its the biggest joke in the history of medicine. These vaccines — whether its the first round or the thirty-second shot that you’re going to get — cause AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Before you think I’m nuts, I didn’t say it causes HIV. HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. But there are other things that can damage the immune system.

And there are dozens of peer-reviewed papers showing that these vaccines are damaging your innate immune system. Damaging your t-cells. Damaging your natural “killer cells.” So you’re becoming much more prone to developing cancer, auto-immune diseases and other very serious infections. What these vaccines are doing are causing acquired immune deficiency.

It’s damaging your immune system – your God-given immune system. And making you co-dependent on more and more vaccines. And it will never end. And since these vaccines cause terrible side effects, it’s a recipe for death.

So in my opinion, all these semantics about “fully-vaccinated” – you should not be vaccinating with a poison dev shot.”

In another video, Dr. Zelenko shares what he calls the “bullet and the gun” for fighting COVID:

Here is a transcript of highlights from the video:

Dr. Zelenko:

“Zinc is the bullet – it kills the virus. The only problem is the bullet doesn’t get to the place where it needs to be.

The virus is inside the cell. The enzyme is inside the cell. And the zinc on its own cannot get into the cell. You have a bullet without a gun – useless.

Now, it turns out there’s a class of medications called ‘zinc ionophores’ or a class of substances called ‘zinc ionophores’ — what they do — is they open up a channel, a door, which allows zinc to go from outside the cell to inside the cell.

There are four of them that are readily available – two of them are prescription and two of them are over-the-counter.

The two prescription ones everyone has heard of: Hydroxycholorquine and Ivermection.

They’re the guns that shoot the bullet. The bullet then gets into the cell and stops the virus enzyme from helping the virus replicate.

So you have a gun and bullet. Only the synergy of the two creates a functioning unit…

Quercetin and Vitamin C together form a functioning zinc ionophore — a zinc delivery system. Zinc is what it delivers, so you actually need zinc as well. You need the gun and the bullet.

And Vitamin D – the studies all show – Vitamin D3 levels between 50 and 70 virtually eliminate hospitalizations or admissions in the intensive care unit. It optimizes their immune system..so you need Vitamin D, then you need Zinc, which is the bullet. And then to form a functioning gun, you need Vitamin C and quercetin…

Patients were having trouble sourcing it, because it was four different ingredients that weren’t always available in the same place. They had trouble finding the right doses.

It was a puzzle that was a little too complex for people to put together.

So I was asked as a necessity — as a favor to people — to produce something that has everything in one package.

It made sense to me, so with the help of my colleagues, we were able to produce a substance — a compound called Z-Stack — that has Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and most importantly has quercetin and zinc.”

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