“A Gift From God” — Dr. Zelenko On The Origins Of His “Z-Stack” Approach

Medical hero Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was an early advocate for the use of hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID. 

For his efforts, he was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and vilified by the Media.

But Dr. Zelenko didn’t stop.

He kept working — and found a way to help people that doesn’t require FDA approval.

Watch: Here is Dr. Zelenko talk about how he created an immune system approach called Z-Stack (transcript is below):

Dr. Zelenko:

Z-Stack was a gift from God. And the way it evolved was, in April of 2020, I was using hydroxychloroquine and zinc and azithromycin to keep my patients alive. The ghoul — and I call him a ghoul: Cuomo — who is responsible for the death of almost 20,000 nursing home residents — issued an executive order blocking pharmacies from dispensing hydroxychloroquine to patients. Now, that was a direct attack on my patients and my practice. The reason why I say that is that I was the only one in the state at that time using that drug in that context…so I was forced to innovate.

And I found on the NIH server data and peer-reviewed papers that showed a substance called quercetin together with Vitamin C functions as an effective zinc delivery system…the truth is I never heard of quercetin, so I looked it up. And I saw that’s a derivative of apple peels and it’s available over the counter. 

It was one of those “A-ha!” moments where I realized I discovered the cure for tyranny. Because now I could say to my patient: ‘Go to the vitamin shop and get quercetin, get Vitamin C, get Zinc, get D and take it in the right way, and you’ll survive – you will do better.’…

…But what happened was most people could not put the puzzle pieces together for several reasons. One, the different compounds or aspects to this approach were not all available in the same place. Number two, there are so many variants of zinc and Vitamin C and different dosing of D and different variants of D and different forms of quercetin and people could not effectively and in the right timeframe put the puzzle together that it would help them clinically.

So I was approached several times that I should make it easier for people by putting everything in one bottle. In the right dosing. So that’s exactly what I did. And it was consistent with my protocol – the one I had designed and felt that the dosing was appropriate…the price is comparable if you were to buy each ingredient separately. And people loved it because of the convenient, the access. And I think they felt better because it had my name on it…

…It’s become a real successful approach in mitigating the severity of illness – viral illness.”

Dr. Zelenko is now making Z-Stack available to everyone.

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