Pandemic Misinformation

Dr. Simon Goddek: Ten Explosive Revelations That Unmask the Covid Pandemic as an Orchestrated Event

Our readers are very much aware — and have been for some time — that Pandemic Panic Theater has been one of our top concerns since the Plandemic was rolled out in 2019. In recent weeks, we’ve dedicated fewer stories to the subject because it seems to be less prominent in conservative and alternative news.

But as with so many bad things happening in the world today, we’re confident this isn’t over. Whether we see a resurgence of Covid, a renewed push for more jabs, or something new, we expect there to be more gaslighting and medical tyranny in our near future. That’s why the post below by Dr. Simon Goddek is so important. We cannot forget what they did. We cannot ignore what they continue to do. And we cannot become complacent as the next states of their plan unfold.

Here’s the list from Dr. Goddek:

  1. Fear-mongering the Public: Instead of reassuring the populace during the crisis, our media and politicians had them living in perpetual dread, contradicting historical wisdom.
  2. Vaccine Data Manipulation: A brave whistleblower recently exposed the distorted data behind the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine approval. Rather than probing the vaccine’s benefits and efficacy, nations rushed to make booster shots mandatory.
  3. Pressurizing the Healthy: Despite minimal risk to children, teens, and healthy adults from Covid, they were strongly urged to take an experimental drug to “protect others.” Non-compliance often led to job loss, and some countries even considered detention.
  4. Shifting Vaccine Narrative: Vaccines, once advertised for self-protection, were suddenly everyone’s obligation to “protect yourself and others,” despite similar transmission rates amongst the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Troublingly, getting vaccinated seemed to raise the likelihood of dying with or from Covid.
  5. Questionable PCR Test Peer-Review: The speedy peer-review process for the Covid PCR test publication, whose author was conveniently on the journal’s editorial board, raised eyebrows. Circumventing the peer-review process might be classified as scientific fraud. Furthermore, the author, Christian Drosten, was reported to receive external briefings, casting a shadow on his credibility.
  6. Mask Misinformation: A historical study during the Spanish Influenza deemed masks ineffective and potentially unhygienic if worn all day. Recent research mirrored these findings, concluding that masks might pose significant health risks without reducing transmission. It seemed like an attempt to muzzle the public under a politically motivated guise.
  7. The Death-Age Paradox: The average age of those who died with or due to Covid matched the general life expectancy, unlike during the Spanish Influenza where these figures greatly differed.
  8. Demonizing Dissenters: Publicly branding dissenters as “terrorists” and “tyrants” felt like a ploy to revoke the unvaccinated individuals’ rights to bodily integrity and human dignity.
  9. Undermining Immunity: Governments closed gyms, sports clubs, and banned social interactions during lockdowns, thus neglecting essential factors for a strong immune system such as sunlight (Vitamin D), physical exercise, social interaction, gut health, and exposure to pathogens.
  10. Silencing the Experts: Social media platforms were actively blocking and restricting accounts of scientists and experts who disagreed with the mainstream narrative, curbing their freedom of speech in a flagrant affront to the principles of an open society.

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