Dr. Robert Malone on the Foundation of Bioethics

Dr. Robert Malone on the Foundation of Bioethics

We often quote Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in most of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” We do this because he is the expert of experts when it comes to the dangerous injections being pushed on people across the globe. Today, we’re posting something he said that doesn’t go after the vaccines themselves, but explains what he hopes to achieve with his words.

“To be clear. I do not seek to tell you what to think. Rather I strive to help you to think, and to provide information which you may not otherwise have access to, so that you can make your own informed choices. Freedom to choose, informed consent. The foundation of bioethics.”

This is something we believe in wholeheartedly. It’s not our goal to tell you what you need to think. We simply want to present the information that corporate media hides from you so you can make your own decisions, whether it comes to vaccines, voter fraud, Critical Race Theory, illegal immigration, or any of the plethora of topics we cover.

Dr. Robert Malone does not take the authoritarian approach of other “experts” like Anthony Fauci or Rochelle Walensky. He shares information and asks you to make your own informed decisions.