Dr. Robert Malone_ 'I Knew It Was a Lie From the First Moment. I Felt the Evil.'

Dr. Robert Malone: ‘I Knew It Was a Lie From the First Moment. I Felt the Evil.’

We’ve been posting more and more from Dr. Robert Malone lately because his words of medical wisdom are essentially banned by mainstream media and suppressed by Big Tech. They’re important to hear because, as the inventor of the mRNA technology used in Pfizer and Moderna jabs, he has insights that should not be ignored.

One of his latest threads on Twitter reveals more crucial information that helps explain why Pandemic Panic Theater persists despite mountains of data showing it should have ended long ago.

WHY DO SO MANY STILL BUY INTO THE PANDEMIC NARRATIVE? Mattias Desmet, Professor at Ghent University indicates that this interview is the best introduction to his insights regarding “Mass Formation” in the English language.

And a good comment/insight from Mordock Shram, who sees 3 groups immune to this effect:

  1. Those who’ve been abused and are suspicious of manipulation attempts
  2. Those with religious, spiritual belief in a creator, and are aware of evil
  3. Those who have been scapegoats in their family, and are independent, or have had a hard life and so have life sense

And I knew it was a lie from the first moment. I felt the evil.

America desperately needs more courageous doctors, nurses, and scientists to speak out. Many of them KNOW the narrative is false yet they do not challenge it for fear of career repercussions. What good is a great job if society crumbles around us?