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Dr. Robert Malone Bombshell: After Meeting With Biden, India’s Modi Covered Up Uttar Pradesh’s Miracle Covid Treatment

Just when you thought you’d heard all of the damning facts about Covid-19, vaccines, The Great Reset, and the Plandemic in general, Dr. Robert Malone goes on Joe Rogan’s show and drops an absolute bombshell of a statement.

While discussing the tremendous turnaround seen in India’s huge Uttar Pradesh province, Dr. Malone revealed some of what we already knew and something that we hadn’t heard before. The latter was an absolute bombshell.

“Uttar Pradesh, as you know, has crushed Covid,” Dr. Malone said.

“Ya, can you explain what they did to do that because it’s quite fascinating,” Rogan urged.

Dr. Malone hesitated a bit, trying to determine what he could say as fact and what must be noted as speculation. He opted to leave it a question mark about what precisely they’ve done, though he speculated later in the segment. His speculation has been mostly confirmed by other sources: They’re using Ivermectin. But it was in the interaction the Biden regime in general and Joe Biden in particular had with India’s government that is shocking.

First, he explained the series of events that turned the province from being on the verge of medical collapse to essentially beating the pandemic.

“The virus was just ripping through Uttar Pradesh,” Dr. Malone said. “It has almost the same population as the United States. It’s huge, okay, dense, urban, poor, all the characteristics of a stereotype of the Indian countryside. The virus was just ripping through there causing all kinds of death and disease.

“And the decision was made out of desperation in that province to deploy early treatments as packages widely throughout the province, and it included a number of agents. The composition has not been formally disclosed. It was done in coordination with WHO and whatever was in those packages was rumored to include Ivermectin.”

The obvious question would be to know why the composition of the early treatment package has not been formally disclosed. As the powers-that-be like to say, we’re supposed to be “in this together.” If their efforts were so effective, why did the Indian government withhold the life-saving information and why haven’t world governments, including the United States, demanded that they reveal their secret.

The answer is that the Biden regime and the globalists who are controlling it do not want the information to come out. Instead of doing what’s necessary to save lives, they’re doing everything they can to push their universal vaccine agenda. And Joe Biden is directly involved, according to Dr. Malone.

“There was a specific visit of Biden to Modi and a decision was made in the Indian government not to disclose the contents of those packages that were being deployed in Uttar Pradesh, which they’re still there, and Uttar Pradesh is flatlined right now,” Dr. Malone said. “The rest of the world is yelling about Omicron and hospitalizations — well, South Africa isn’t — but Uttar Pradesh is still flatlined in terms of deaths.”

Wow. Here’s the video:

No wonder they’re so desperate to censor Dr. Robert Malone. The things he’s revealing to Joe Rogan disintegrate The Great Reset’s most important project of universal vaccinations. Buckle up, folks. The truth is trickling out.