Dr. Robert Malone Admits to Infowars' Kristi Leigh That He's Been _Multi-Dimensional Red-Pilled_

Dr. Robert Malone Admits to Infowars’ Kristi Leigh That He’s Been “Multi-Dimensional Red-Pilled”

One of two things happen to someone when they’ve been exposed to the machinations of the forces of evil within our government and among the globalist elite cabal that manipulates much of what is happening on earth. Most succumb to the pressures and embrace the worldly benefits of going along to get along. This is how we get people like Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden enjoying long careers in government despite ridiculous strings of failures throughout their lives.

Some are able to see the evil for what it is and choose to side with the truth. It’s called being “red-pilled” and Dr. Robert Malone admits that he’s there. In fact, he told Infowars’ Kristi Leigh that he has been “multi-dimensional red-pilled.”


In his first live interview since sitting down with podcaster Joe Rogan, Dr. Malone revealed more than his current status as a skeptic about what’s happening in the world. He also discussed The Great Reset, a topic that we and other “fringe” outlets have covered for a while but that is finally coming more into mainstream awareness.

“The other thing for me has been the personal journey of coming to terms with what the World Economic Forum really represents,” he said. “And I really resisted that. People were initially coming to me talking about The Great Reset… it was crazy talk.”

As many now know, it’s not a conspiracy theory. They are out in public forums talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution and the need for stakeholder capitalism, both of which are guises for Neo-Marxist policies that will enslave the population. As Dr. Malone noted, they’re not even trying to hide it.

“And it’s all documented,” he said. “And then you see it being deployed. A group of Canadians on a podcast the other day sent me some links from WEF to a site — this is one of the last things I Tweeted before [getting banned by Twitter] — and it had an extremely detailed map of all of the policy positions and the actions that the WEF was taking for a huge range of topics, not the least of which is Covid-19. It’s a public document that clearly states everybody that’s in our little clique, in our club, these are things that we will think, these are the things we will say, this is how we will act, and that one was kind of like the icing on the cake.”

“They’re proud of it. They don’t hide it. This is the vision. It is a full-on globalist totalitarian vision with the money and control,” he said.

It’s refreshing to hear Dr. Malone discuss the topics that some have been warning about for a long time. He is not a conspiracy theorist. He is just a guy with a lot of brains and a clear attachment to reality. This is why he’s such a threat to the globalists and their puppets in government, corporate media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and academia. For him to echo the sentiment that sites like us and Infowars have been saying for a long time will prompt more people to do the research.

As Dr. Malone said, this is not about the vaccine. The jab is a means to an end. This is about totalitarian control over the population by a globalist elite that is no longer hiding in the shadows. They’re out and about, and it’s time for more people to take notice.